Auspicious coincidences

Chogyam Trungpa: "Learn how to invite space into your worklife."

Reggie Ray: "The space itself will actually accomplish most of what you need to do. In the form of helpful people turning up, auspicious coincidences... And in so doing, you are not only opening up your self, you are opening up the world. It becomes a dance. It's no longer your job to sit there for 10 hours doing your thing, it's to respond to the way the world wants things to happen."

Source: Elephant Journal

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly), I can rephrase the words into "Learn how to invite God into your life." God himself will actually accomplish most of what needs to be done. (In my experience, I can do very little out of my own strength apart from God. "God makes all things work for our good." Rm 8:28) In the form of helpful people turning up, auspicious coincidences.

It is not easy to understand nor see God's hands at work in the world, much less in my own life. I rarely feel his hands pulling me strongly one way or another. And yet, when I treat life like a dance - by relenting to the dance flow and moving in harmony with the tune - by letting God lead the dance himself, I am opening my self up for Heavenly blessings. It is no longer my job to sit there for how many hours doing things in the office or at home. It is to respond to the way God wants things to happen in my world.

Life is not about me. It is never about me. If I focus my attention toward me only, then I am not dancing well. A dance is never about just the performer. Can you imagine watching a dance video with the volume turned down to mute? It is not the same. Or watch a dance that is out of tune. Painful. A dance is enjoyable for the dancer and the viewers when everything is in harmony.

Try hard as I may, it takes powers outside of my sphere of authority to get things in my life in harmony to achieve a beautiful dance. And if I fret too much about it, I cannot enjoy the dance. So there you have it, my secret to life: Invite God to take the lead in the life's dance and just enjoy the auspicious coincidences.